PROBE video products are sourced and selected to satisfy the most demanding video surveillance requirements for identifying key threats to life, property and resources. Our products have been vetted to provide excellent performance at prices which allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your projects.

Advanced Technologies

Thermal and Radar PT Systems
 Harbor And Waterway Observation

Around 80 percent of world trade is transported by sea. Protecting port operations is one of the most critical challenges faced by the United States.

Long range observation and detection
  Pipeline Surveillance

Revenue is severely reduced by theft and attacks on oil pipelines that significantly impacts crude production and fuel supply.

Cameras with intelligent analytics
  Transportion Surveillance

Security cameras on buses and subways can help protect innocent citizens from terrorist attacks and help maintain a safe and secure environment.

Industrial grade CCTV Thermal cameras
  Industrial Security

Recent trade tariffs will increase the temptation for theft of raw materials needed for manufacturing, storing and shipping of important goods.

Radar based intrusion technology
  Perimeter Security

Airport perimeter security breaches around the world highlight the important need for accurate, dependable security systems to protect lives and aviation assets.

Anti terrorism Defense
  Safe City Surveillance

Public security is a growing problem for cities worldwide. Probe technology helps to provide police and emergency services with new technologies to monitor and access critical events as they unfold.


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