With the rapid development of UAV industry, our society can benefit from this new technology. Conversely, the improvement and availability of UAV technology increases the danger and risks caused from UAVs. In recent years, an example siting misuse of illegal UAV technology is the targeting of airports that can seriously interfere with air transport takeoff and landing. Worse, increased significant activity for misuse of UAV vehicles now includes hostile intentions such as unauthorized intelligence gathering, smuggling, privacy invasion and use as a weaponized platform.

In restricted areas and significant activity sites, hostile UAVs are used for intelligence gathering, smuggling, video surveillance and as a weaponized air device. Established in 2015, multi-user UAV control polices published by different governments to set up clear UAV NO-FLY-ZONES, for aircraft. However, with the affordable increase of commercial and home made drones a NFZ is an easy target for unauthorized drone operators. As most non military drones are difficult to track, it is increasingly difficult to find an prosecute offenders. There are many incidents that illegal UAVs intruding the low altitude airspace of prohibited areas.

PROBE "COUNTER UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE" Systems (CAUV) consists of a detection unit, "electro optical" (EO) tracking unit and jammer device. It integrates target detection, tracking and recognition, command & control and jamming multi functions in to one unified system. Based on different application scenarios, it can be flexibly deployed into an optimal solution by choosing different detection units and jammer devices.   

CUAV systems can be deployed as a fixed , portable or vehicle mounted configurations. With a permanent installation, CUAV systems are widely used in high level security protection sites and portable units are used a lot for temporary prevention & control in key venues such as conference, sport events, concert etc. Vehicle mounted configurations are normally used for routine patrol or circumstantial events.

 PB-RF3000/PB-RF5000 (RF Scanner)

►Detection RF Range: 840—930MHz,2400—2520MHz,
►Protection Coverage: 360°
►Passive Detection Distance: radius at 3km
►Detection Accurancy:±5°
►Power Supply: USB, POE
►Single-point positioning、Cross positioning
►Weight:less than 5kg
►Protection Class:IP655

PB-J1000PT (PAN TILT Jammer )

►Jamming range ≥3000m
►Transmit power ≤10W/frequency band
►Frequency band Navigation:(GPS、BEIDOU、GLONASS)
►Power supply AC220V
► Rotation range azimuth 0 ° ~ 360 °, pitch-15°~65°
►Jamming angle 30 degree
►Operating temperature -25℃ ~65℃
►Protection Class IP65

PB-J1000M (Portable Jammer) 

►Interference Band: GPS/GLONASS/BDS;2.4GHz, 5.8GHz,900MHz
   (other optional)
►Max Inhibition Ratio: 20:1
►Jamming Range: 1km/2km
►Antenna Angle: 30°
►Transmitting Power: 160dBm 4 Band in total
►Duration Time: ≥2 hours
►Weight: 4kg(Battery Included)
►Operating Temperature: -35℃~65℃.

PB-JC1000Z (Camera Integrated Jammer) 

►Azimuth Angle: 0°~360°
►Pitching Angle:-15°~65°
►Horizontal Rotation speed:0.01°~30°/s
►Vertical Rotation speed:0.01°~15°/s
►Rotation Acurrancy:±0.2
►Jamming Range:1km
►Interference Band:1550MHz~1650MHz,2400MHz~2500MHz,►5700MHz~5900MHz,875MHz~925MHz
►Communication Interface:LAN+ Wireless(LoRa)
►Power Supply: 220V/AC
►Weight: 12kg
►Demension: 405mm*230mm*415mm
►Protection Class:IP65
►tracking distance: 1km day, 500m night
►Tracking resolution: 1920X1080 P


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